Faith Promise

First Baptist Church takes seriously Christ’s command to “go into all the world and preach the gospel.”  This is done through the general budget and through “Faith Promise” missionary giving.

A Faith Promise is a promised offering above your tithe given by faith to the Lord through the mission fund of First Baptist Church to be used for the support of missions worldwide. The offering is based on trusting the Lord to provide what He has laid upon your heart to give by faith to missions. God will provide these funds through blessing you with income or protecting you from expenses in order to provide you with the needed funds to satisfy your Faith Promise commitment. Faith Promise money are funds that God entrusts to you so that your faith will increase, and the work of worldwide missions will expand.

Your Faith Promise is an anonymous contribution, but it should not come from your tithe. Our tithe goes to the church’s general fund. Before we trust God for more, we must be faithful to do what is commanded. The tithe (10 percent of gross income) is the Lord’s, and He has directed it to be given to the house of God. In these New Testament times, the house of God is the church (I Timothy 3:15).