Sunday School

We believe that the teaching of God's Word is of the utmost importance. People of all ages need to learn what God's Word says, understand what it says, and then how to apply it to their lives.

People of every age face problems in their everyday walk. Therefore, we have developed a Sunday School program that is beneficial to people of all ages. From the nursery through seniors we have teachers that can help you understand the meaning of God's Word. 

Sunday School classes begin at 10:00 a.m.

Men's Class
Teacher: Brett Campbell

Ladies' Class
Teacher: Karen Johnson

Teen's Class
Teachers: Dennis and Jennifer Trosper

Nursery DirectorVickie Nipp

Kindergarten - Planting Faith (5-6 years)
Teacher: Tamie Eggleton

1st & 2nd Grade 
Teacher: Tamie Eggleton

3rd & 4th Grade
Teacher: Brenda Campbell

5th & 6th Grade
Teacher: Dale Stover